“We seldom speak of what others find… But often find what others speak of”


  • To research through adaptive, advanced scientific methods and technologies in an effort to explore and procure evidence of the major enigmatic histories, anomalies and recover, conserve any physical evidence. With the focus on openly revealing with as much transparency as possible, both the process and the totality of the finds themselves. KX seeks to present the actuality of the world around us, its wonders and truths, in an unbiased manner to all people.


“KX is answering the questions most are too afraid to even ask”

Who really built the Great Pyramid?  Did man coexist with dinosaurs?  Who were the Giants?   Where is the real Underworld?  Do huge Ape-men roam the planet?

This website was started for those who share an interest in our future, ancient history & cache hunting, or the strange and unknown. We as a group are trying to bring together diverse individuals who share a driven curiosity and possess an interest or knowledge otherwise thought to be unorthodox or meaningless, in the hope of culminating the true history of the world and that which now exists and passing it on to others.

On this site you will see pictures and read information found nowhere else ! Over 95% of this material was compiled personally with the help of some the greatest souls on earth.
Our main objective is to notify those who do not know and better inform those who do, about a history of man until now virtually ignored.
Some of the achievements you will see here not only rival, but far surpass those found any where in the world. We would very much like to see people from all concerned backgrounds get involved in these discoveries. The historical implications may be unequaled.

As a group we are interested in communicating with others concerned in the history now being discovered by modern day explorers. We believe in furthering the cooperation between private researchers, archaeologists and or universities, for the purpose of revising history with new discoveries, aid in research availability and to preserve site integrity with better documentation and recovery techniques.

We specialize in the location and study of advanced prehistoric cultures, their evidence and the things they concealed. We have located thousands of monuments made of stone, from massive works of bedrock to large blocks or boulders, atop one another in an impossible fashion. Geometric shapes and animals hwen from solid rock, some huge in stature, others small, delicate balancing tricks of sandstone and chert. Giant heads carved in some remote antiquity, with expressions of dignity and reason, determined in there gaze. Whether outward to the expanse of a valley, or staring directly into a stark, vertical cliff wall, the effect is the same, an impending look of confidence, danger, something important and something wonderful. Most of the fortunate few who know about them, consider them of Spanish origin, however many of them are considerably older. Dates of 1500yrs. are common, some are as old as 15000yrs. The Templar’s, Jesuits and many others adopted their secret methods of communicating from the ancients they studied, sometimes referred to as the “Elder race” or the “People before people”(Hopi). These stone monuments, used in conjunction with coded symbols, lead to caches of wealth, history and entrances to deep in the earth. An underworld of caverns, huge tunnel systems and the remains of ancient cultures, buried by catastrophic events. These places, the hidden storehouses of wealth and knowledge, were the quest of many people and cults. For over twelve thousand years, sagas were told of a land that held these secrets, we live in this wonderful place…

We are working with Private Citizens and Organizations, Archaeologists, Universities, as well as State, local and Federal Governments conducting Exploration, Guide Services, Site Surveys and Research and Recoveries. Our services are for anyone who has something unusual, legend lost or hidden and wants it found, studied, conserved and/or recovered.

We also can arrange complete Geo-imaging services, custom guided trips into any area. Photography, prospecting, archaeological, geological and paleontology studies can be arranged, and safety and survival training are also available.

Guides or companions are available for hiking, camping, meteor location, crypto-zoology, photography, studying the paranormal and UFO reports. If you would like to be involved with the activities and or part of the KX volunteer research team contact us.




  1. Love watching your videos on YouTube and listening to you on any and all podcasts. Your information is fascinating and I believe you will make believers in Bigfoot out of all. Keep pushing forward.

  2. Valuable information. Lucky me I found your site by accident, and I’m shocked why this accident didn’t happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

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