KX Research and Recovery

All material featured was discovered and documented by KX/ Robert Kryder

A motif featuring the story of the great flood sculpted from olivine basalt. So hard, no known tool besides diamond tipped types will even scratch it. Yet exquisite details can clearly be seen. The man in the photo points to the wave and tempest... Which beats against geometric "constructions" of mankind. The scene is divided with a heavy lateral line terminating on the right in a cross, turned upside down at an angle of decline. Above this line is heaven and on the upper left of it we see the creator looking down upon the flood. The expression is perfect and clear needing little interpretation with it's stern gaze of disgust. The method of sculpting this looks to be both manual manipulation as well as an unknown method of causing the stone to fracture or cleave in a pre-desired shape. This is seen to be repeated throughout the site.

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