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KXPD3 Tactical Parabolic Microphone

with adjustable* audio pattern. 

Longest range available! –  Up to 25x that of leading competitors!
The best choice for Tactical, Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement,
Wildlife Research, Hunting and the Paranormal!



KXPD3 Tactical Parabolic Microphone with adjustable* audio pattern.
Longest range available! –  Up to 25x that of leading competitors!
The best choice for Tactical, Search and Rescue,
Law Enforcement, Wildlife Research, Hunting and the Paranormal!


 Hardcore as the folks who make them! Designed utilizing 35 years of in-the-field audio experience and built for real world rugged use. With unsurpassed performance, portability, durability, versatility and sound quality. Includes a tempered aluminum frame, carbon plastic handle and incorporates features never attempted before in field audio sampling equipment. Like a virtually unbreakable bi-material, polycarbonate/ aluminum reflector that captures crisp high range and enhances low Fq bass levels while at the same time preventing unwanted reflector distortion. The KXPD3 utilizes a fully isolated, non-magnetic metal mic stem and tempered aluminum retainer/shield that reduce potential electromagnetic interference from phones and cameras. And has a raised device mount for adding external devices like recorders, cameras and wireless transmitters and a quick tri-pod mount that stores in the handle for versatility and convenience.

Customer Reported Ranges
“clear audio” 
Flute player : 2 miles
Loud human voice: 5 miles
Standard human voice: 5,000’+
Footsteps in dry leaves: 2,500’+
Footsteps on hard dirt/sand: 750’+
Owl, frogs and crickets at 5,000′
Dog steps in forest: 450’+

KXPD3 Special Features

Lightweight, Durable and Balanced 
Built from advanced materials, the KXPD3 is only 1.7 lbs fully assembled! Making it lightweight without sacrificing durability. And that weight is right where it should be, with a well balanced design that can be held for long duration in any condition without fatigue.
Pro Quality Acoustic Components
We chose top of the line Saramonic components including the microphone / amplifier / 2 ch mixer, screw lock cables and Bestshoot fuzzy windscreen. The Amp/ mix unit allows for two separate channel mic inputs, live headphone monitoring, adjustable gain and record line out. The audio quality is studio/cinema level with a frequency response beyond the full range of human hearing from 20hz to 20khz. Mated to the KXPD3 the final result is leaps beyond any other Parabolic Microphone available delivering depth and accurate sound representation. Bass levels have always been something eluding p-dish operators but the KXPD2 captures bass as deep and full as in reality.
Adjustable Audio Focal Pattern
   The KXPD3 has the ability to set two perfect focal patterns in the same reflector form. Something unique in the industry. And while others use standard audio theory of reflection to design and calibrate their dish geometry, we chose to consider the full nature of sound and utilize both the science of fluid dynamics and angular momentum as well. And to take advantage of all three with the simplest and most durable material form possible. Basically allowing the sound itself to be our lead engineer with the KXPD3 being it’s final result. This unit has tested number returns higher than a regular 30″ dish by a factor of five! Think about that. Take note that we don’t put mounts anywhere around the dish. This is common but only serves to promote distortions in the dish return wave form. Our center plate sandwich design promotes sympathetic resonance while eliminating unwanted harmonic distortion.
Design Focus
From the materials chosen to its simple and durable design nothing was overlooked. They say the more advanced the design, the more “simple” it becomes. This unit is the embodiment of that statement.
Material Design
The KXPD3 is constructed of the most durable materials available. While most plastics like ABS and acrylic and even carbon rods etc used in other parabolic units can be brittle and break, especially in cold weather, our material selection was chosen to defeat this and the other rigors of regular transporting and use. The KXPD3 utilizes a tempered aluminum mainframe, a tempered aluminum retainer, a poly-carbonate reflector and a carbon plastic handle. Meaning you don’t have to worry about getting it there, using it or getting it home. The main unit will easily survive a 15′ drop onto concrete and go right back to work.
User Convenience
   Constructed in a modular manner so that a complete tear-down can be done in seconds by anyone. And although we have a full line replacement parts, the hardware can be found locally by the customer if needed.
Extreme Range
The KXPD3 is the only P-Mic available that is adjustable from a 170° wide pattern down to a tight 2° spot pattern,
effectively* extending the standard listening range over 5x !
KX Statement
“Unsurpassed function, mobility, durability and user convenience were they key elements to its design and we are confident you will be more than happy with all of the above.”
Customer Testimonial:
Boyd O. – Commercial Jet Aircraft Mechanic – BFRO investigator:
   “On an overlook about 700 feet above San Antonito creek I aimed the dish at a distant hiker, about 750 feet out it picked up their footfalls. Hiker was on trail next to creek, hard pack soil/sand mix. The ground was dry and fairly hard up there. Also the creek water sounds at 750 feet were real easy to hear.”
   “I had my two dog’s with me and the dish could pick up there movement at about 350 to 400 feet in the wooded area easily. … Very happy with it performance versus it’s compact size and very lightweight handling! The cammo worked great in the daylight, I set it down and it blended right into the shadows”….. “The adjustable focus is something I’ve never seen….The almost zoom effect is so cool!”  …. “I love mine”

The KXPD3 was engineered using both the concepts of fluid dynamics and harmonic resonance, contributing to its great leap in the efficient collection of high sonic pressure concentration at the microphone. Using the combination of the fluid nature of the sonic pressure into the dish and surface reflection of the sonic wave form while focusing both on a single point, we form a kernel of extreme* sonic pressure. The design utilizes advantages of materials as well as shapes resulting in it’s composite, bi-material construction. Not only taking advantage of normal audio concepts, but as well turning normal known disadvantages into great gains in amplitude, the frequency response tolerance and the overall range. Utilizing the hemisphere shape allowed for focusing the audio collection pattern from 170° wide down to a tight 2° “beam-like” pattern not unlike a flashlight that has a wide and spot setting. This extends “standard” listening range by a factor of five! Allowing for locating a stationary sound source or tracking a moving subject at great range and great accuracy by sound alone.

Colors: Black, White, Olive, Tan, (Custom color or camouflage available at additional charge).
Main Frame: 5052-H32 aluminum, anti-chip, matt coating.
Parabolic Reflector: Polycarbonate, coated, (11.33″ x 4.72″) 288mm diameter x 120mm deep.
Handle: Carbon plastic, (5.74″) 146mm x 8mm stud.
Mic stem: Brass, anti-vibration isolated, removable, non magnetic, 6-32 thread.
Electromagnetic shield: 4″ , 7075-T7 aluminum disc/ reflector retainer, brass hardware.
Raised Device mount: Steel, 8″, 1/4×20 thread-stud.
Tripod quick mount: Steel-rubber, 1/4 x 20 thread.
Integrated mount for Saramonic Mixer/amp.
Frequency response: 0hz to 40khz+
Size assembled: (16″ x 12″) 406mm x 304mm.
Size disassembled: (12″ x 12″ x 6″) 304mm x 304mm x 152mm.
2 X 3.5mm Mic inputs @ 20dB (adjustable gain)
1 X 3.5mm Record output
1 X 3.5mm Headphone output
Fq response: 20hz TO 20khz, +/- 0.5 dB
THD: Less than 0.03% @ 1khz, -30dBu input
POWER: One AAA battery (alakaline/Lithium)
RUN TIME: 8 hrs+
WEIGHT: 107g (3.77oz)
COMPATIBLE: I-Phone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, Samsung Galaxy, Android Phones, DSLR camera/ camcorders, Go Pro- Hero 3, Hero 3+, Hero 4,5,6 or IC recorder with 3.5MM input./ line-in jack.
1 KX-PD3
Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight 3.7 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 10 in

01 Black, 02 Grey, 03 Olive, 04 Tan, 05 Woodland Camouflage, 06 Desert Camouflage, 07 Snow Camouflage

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  1. desertfoxx11

    Easy to carry and travel with. Covers all the recording and active monitoring needs in a compact unit. Long run time recorder with a parabolic that’s super easy to use and carry! Adaptable for digital camera mount as well. The range and sensitivity are excellent!


    An amazing product that out performs all others at 1/5th the price!

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