KXEAR – Envioronmental Audio Recorder

Specially selected for scientific/ Investigative /Cryptid / Para research and to accompany the KXPD3 parabolic microphone. (FB #KXPD3)
Help fund KX Research and Disclosure by purchasing KX equipment.
(compare to the field use inferior Tascam @ 375. US)

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Description/ Features:

The KXEAR 32g Environmental Recorder is intended for rugged use in the field with it’s all metal, zinc alloy construction, compact size and wide temperature range operation from -10f to 140f.

What it doesn’t have is just as important as what it does have making it far superior to Zoom or Tascam recorders for outdoor use. It doesn’t have studio based features that are basically useless for true field work or only serve to prevent use in cold or adverse weather. Like a plastic housing, touch screen that can fail at low temps, high and low gain filters, radial dials susceptible to dust intrusion or mics built with low end limitation.

Instead the KXEAR  has durable high gain mics enclosed to prevent damage that are sensitive to the full range of human hearing without limitation, and with a gain beyond that of the human ear. It utilizes a large front face button layout for all major functions that are easy to use even in adverse weather conditions with gloves on. Settings include a black OP’s “rec led off” settings to go full stealth, auto record with six levels, external line-in stereo mic jack, headphone live monitoring and much more. With it’s illuminated 2.0″ screen and large character layout, the information can be seen clearly in any condition. Its size and shape make it easy to handle and use with one hand securely. The massive 850mAh Lithium Ion battery allows for 80hrs record time and 300hrs standby! It will also run and record connected to a USB power source and even allows selecting and deleting files while its recording without interruption. Take a look and you’ll find that for accurate outdoor environmental audio sampling the overall features and specs blow away other recorders at three times the price!


KXEAR Professional Environmental Audio Recorder Specifications

Model Number:
Case: Metal
Internal Memory: 32 GB
TF Extended Memory Card: 64 GB (not included)
Recording modes: internal mic x 2, aux line-in and telephone
Frequency Response: 20hz – 20khz
Range sensitivity: Clear voice @ 50′
Recording Formats: WAV / MP3
Audio Resolution WAV:512kbps/ 768kbps/ 1024kbps/ 1536kbps
Audio Resolution MP3:32kbps/ 64kbps/ 128kbps/ 192kbps
Music Format: MP3 / WMA / FLAC / APE / OGG
Support Music File Playback
Interface: 3.5 mm Line-in Jack, TF card slot, Mirco USB
Screen: 2.0″ – Illuminated – 128*64 lattice LED
Speaker: 5 ohm 20 MM x 30 MM 8 Omega/ 1W
Loudspeaker: 300 square meter coverage
Microphones: Dual – 360 degree
Headphone Maximum Output 10 mW+10 mW (32O hm)
Duel Lossless Hard Decoding: FLAC+APE+OGG
Distortion: 0.05%
Operating Temperature -10° to 140° degrees F
Recording Time: 80 hrs
Stand By Time: 300 hrs
Battery: Horn8 Euro 1 Watt Dual Magnetic 3.7V/ 850 mA
Size: 9.1 x 5 x 1.1 cm
Weight: 97 g

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