Three steps constructed in a window.

Three steps constructed in a window of basalt blocks.

Here we see the 3 steps symbology cleverly constructed into a “window” framed in basalt blocks weighing between 1000lbs to 3000lbs each. The second step of which is angled to represent the ascension to the surface world. Meant to be seen from a specific point of standing. This “point of perspective” or “POP”, like many others, works to assist in hiding monuments, alignments and the coded layout by offering a view of many corresponding points simultaneously from only* one single 3’x3′ standing location. Many of these “POP” sets lie within the Kuskurza layout as they do on most other ancient megalithic sites around the globe. Locating and utilizing them is the key to decoding these types of sites whether in the US, South America, Africa, Australia etc…

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