Zero Point – A cache site of advanced ancient technology marked by megalithic coded monuments

This is a very ancient site that is heavily encoded with monuments that indicate entrances and tunnels to chambers of a “royal” nature. The template layout uses geometric shapes, animal forms and advanced or sacred math to covey detailed information about the contents and the builders as well as directions to gain entry.


I located this site by identifying and deciphering it’s monuments in 2005. Returning to the location in 2007 with a technical team as a location to receive training on new sub-surface geophysical scanning equipment I was purchasing. And to use this opportunity to scan the location and test or validate my own monument interpretation. Indeed the monuments indicated the entrances, tunnels and my code breakdown was on target. But there was no way the monuments could have conveyed, nor could I have ever imagined let alone gleaned what was there from reading them. Even though there was what looks to be a large model of a disc shaped spacecraft sculpted of stone on the flank of one hill.

The personnel I brought along on the operation was the rancher, who is a good friend, a salvage expert trained in EM field tech by the Navy and one of the technology developers flown in from Germany.  We were using a Geophysical Phase reader. A passive device that utilizes aerospace sensors to map the magnetic field of the earth at 58,000 per second sample rate. Allowing for imaging 100′ deep and materials analysis. I had told the developer he would say he had “never seen that before” not just once but many times over the course of that day. And he did. More than once.

HILL # (01)

We had taken the two track road to the top of the 115′ tall hill skirted with sandstone ledges and parked. It didn’t take long to realize that was a bad idea as everything electronic started to heat up. Even the units in boxes and shut off where getting hot. After only ten minutes we decided to move back on the hill and the vehicles would barely start. After testing it was determined there was a field about 250′ in diameter that absorbed every available electron, draining every battery on site and nearly burning up a lap top in the process. Right away, less than 30 min on sight and we knew there was something in that hill significantly more important than gold. Even though any field that strong is most likely not healthy to linger in, we came there to do it and the curiosity had our better judgement quelled. So we moved the vehicles out of the field but still on the hill and we did everything the equipment would take. Running in and scanning and running back out when in the hottest inner points of the field. 

This chamber (01) also contained metals that showed elements unknown and seemed to be changing phase from negative to positive, or what looked like ferrous to non ferrous and back again. This is not possible under any of our modern understandings of physics. Other metals seemed to be alloys with both ferrous and non ferrous metals. What was eventually determined was the hill contained a metallic device capable of absorbing electrons and using this to amplify and direct that EM field as a beam into space that is pulsing as an algorithm timed to 50k per second. A beacon coming from a metallic device that is phasing in and out of our relative “time” space. As this wasn’t bad enough on the German developer, having most of experience writing software, the rancher had found something else and called him to inspect it. Standing next to a large block of stone the rancher motioned him down to take a look underneath… As he did the loud sound of buzzing went off and before he could focus on what it was he jumped 3′ hi and 3′ back in one move. The rancher just stood there leaning on the stone, pulled a .45 from his hip holster and shot. Immediately stopping the buzzing that was coming from a 6′ long western diamondback rattle snake. Absolutely stunned the developer stood frozen with eyes wide and pale. The rancher, now holding the large snake up off the ground by the tail took a step toward the developer and said “ya ever had yer sh$t pushed back in?” … He then tossed the snake over the stone block, walked back to the truck and upon touching it the truck was immediately struck by lightning. We were walking back to where he was and saw this clearly. The rancher barely jumped… Removed his hand, reset his hat, reached into the bed and removed a bottle of Jack and said “time for a drink”… It was about then the Developer IT guy looked his Navy vet EM buddy and said “These guys aren’t kidding are they?” The Navy vet EM guy just replied, “No, I don’t think so”, an obvious understatement.

Scanning a line over the first of two points of interest revealed two entrance locations and descending tunnels that led to a large chamber located deep beneath the hill (01).


This hill (01) has the major monumentation in the form of a large boulder outcrop cut into two forms. That of a rabbit if viewed looking to the east and that of a turtle if looking to the west. Around this is a myriad array of other forms including geometric shapes as well as animals. The geometric shapes having direct meanings and their placement on mathematical layouts while the animal shapes dictate the character of each. Such as a turtle dove that when seen in the wild either hides upon its nest or is fleeing across the ground acting injured trying to lead you away from its nest. So, like the animal, a stone turtle dove that is up with a wing out means follow the tail a “distance” to a location and a static sitting turtle dove means “here” follow my tail to an entrance or cache at this location. On this first hill the monuments included the triangle, cube, heart, turtle dove, Rabbit, turtle etc… The turtle dove is carved into the top of a block of stone with it’s head facing to the left. We can see here the heart laying on it’s side to the right of the dove with it’s center bisecting line  hitting the doves tail and on the right extending to the cube. The proper point of perspective must be established before these royal alignments can be accurately discerned. Here we see the black dotted line marking the tunnel found to run directly beneath the cube.

HILL # (02)

The second hill was much like the first being a sedimentary butte of hard sandstone layers with a jagged escarpment of fractured rock surrounding its edge. On the flank of this is a “patio” or “pad” over 100′ long and 50′ wide consisting of hard sandstone that looks like large square blocks. In actuality, this specific area has a layer that fractures in squared formations so the “pad” could be utilizing the natural layer or it could have been assembled from stone from a local source. What is astounding about this (02) location are two objects, or sculptures sitting on one end of the “pad” They are positioned on either side like an entrance “gate” to the “pad”. Both being cut with opposing points directed to one another on either side. Obviously stating “In between”.  One of these two monuments is a monolith, short and wide with a cap stone on top to one side and a cut sight hole on one edge at eye level. Looking through this another site can be seen in a canyon about 1/2 mile away.


Just off the edge of the pad, next to the short wide monolith there is another spectacular small monolith surrounded by support stone. It is bright stone that was cut into an obelisk. A perfect small scale version of those found in Egypt, now leaning from time. Above its point we can see a cut indentation into the short wide monolith representing the “eye”…The all seeing eye or view point. In other words, use the short wide monolith to “see”. This means more than looking through the sight hole. It also refers to the all seeing eye and thus would indicate long range site lines as well. Past this to the west we see a pyramidal hill one mile away constructed as part of this complex is possibly a tomb.

The second of the two and closest to the hills edge, is mind blowing as it looks to be a perfect model of a “Disc” shaped spacecraft. This sculpture is absolutely symmetrical and is egg shaped when viewed from above. A stunning design and perfect form so reminiscent of tens of thousands of both modern UFO reports as well as the many ancient depictions found worldwide. It includes a protrusion not unlike the domes we see atop most “flying saucer” renditions.


Scanning this second hill (02) again revealed tunnels and a chamber including metallic contents of exotic alloys, but lacked any type of secondary field, beam or change to the Earth’s EM field at all. On this hill the field was stable and normal, acting as a good control for the first hill results. On top of this hill (02) I located three rocks in a triangle, not amazing or grandiose in any way but exactly as is expected. Each was  about 1′ in diameter but all were similar in color, shape and size. Next to one of these about 2′ away was another smaller stone of similar color. These two are the gate. Starting at these and walking along the triangles edge past the next stone for a total distance equal to all three sides added together. In this case the triangle of stones had sides of 10′ each… So a total path of 30′ or past the next corner stone 20′. This should be the point that “decent” can be made into the hill. And it was here we scanned to reveal what looked to be stairs leading down deep under the hill itself. The top of these stairs is deeply buried but we did not get to determine the exact depth due to time constraints.



As in all sites, the numbers expressed by the measurements and angles used to construct monuments, place monuments, and those of the sites themselves, even geographic location of the sites relative to one another serve transmit information to the knowing while the un-knowing have little clue. Without understanding which numbers or number combinations were relevant to those who built we could have little idea how to decipher their use or the message they convey. These numbers come from the template of time and reality. And the intersections of one form and other (s) in the template form. Such as “72” being the degrees to one of the intersecting lines on the template equates to a start corner monument on the ground. Using this and the circle glyph, or “first” marker, one can establish the alignment, size and scale of the main template layout across the topography. Important base numbers to note either directly or through basic numerology are 1,3,4,7,11,12,27,35,42,52,70,72,77,88,108,185,210 and combinations of these. The primary of these are 1,3,7,12,21 and any variations or combinations of these, for example;1,700 or 210.

The numbers expressed at this site serve to express only the highest primary numbers like 1′, 3′,7′ 30′, 40′, 70′, etc…

The main “turtle/rabbit” boulder on the first hill (01) is 30′ long and 21′ wide. From this point the distance to the center top of the “spacecraft” dome on the second hill (02) is 1,700′ on a bearing of 210 degrees. The spacecraft is 17′ feet long and 12′ wide with a dome 3′ in diameter. The crafts edge is 30′ feet from the short wide monolith which has a rock on top 3′ in diameter. The redundant use of numbers only serves to validate through statistical odds and eliminate any chances this is less than advanced engineering with a very specific purpose. And this is only a small example of the redundancy here with hundreds of individual examples found in this area. When this is all mapped, impressive images are revealed and alignments come foreword to other site locations.



° This site is under construction but can be seen as the process takes place. Content will be added or updated frequently °

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